Runescape: Is it Worth it or Not?

I have recently been part of the runescape community, playing for approximately 4 hours a day trying to get my “RS” character to be the best in the world. I’m not too sure if it was all worth it! Here are some reasons why.
Firstly although when playing the online game it was most probably the most fun I’ve had since i was about 10 years old, but its all just repetitive. mining for hours upon hours waiting for my levels to grow to an enormous amount. My mining is now 99 and i can mine anything in the game. Now what? I’ve got my dream of becoming the best miner in runescape but now what do i do? That’s what i asked myself until i saw the skill “Herblore”.So i used all of my in game money to get that up to level 99 and i sure did. And this went on until i got to level 99 is 7 skills: Mining; fletching; Herblore; Strength; Attack; Hit points; And last but not least Thieving.

Overall I have spent just over $100 in runescape membership fees and over 4 years of my life playing this ever so repetitive game. So I decided to have a look on the internet to see what i could do to get back at this company. That’s when i came across the IBOT. That was the most exciting thing about Runescape. The ability to get your levels up while you are at work, in the shower, having dinner, anything! Now I’m level 99 in almost all of my skills, and it took me half them time to get the rest of them up to 99 than it took me to get 7 by hand! I can now beat anybody in any world on this game and its all thanks to IBOT.

But was it all worth it? Spending all of my money on an online game that was so unbelievably repetitive and easy? I think it was! Still i play on the online game and i have now started to make some money by writing scripts for this IBOT and by selling my mills that i make(over 20 million a day) and they sell for $4 that’s over a WHOPPING $80 a day from Runescape! I have the time of my life playing this game, killing Bandos and getting hilt drops, to getting my slayer up and getting whip drops. And I have made over $3000 from selling my millions to an online company. There was a time I started to doubt Runescape, that was before I came across IBOT.

In conclusion Runescape is defiantly worth my time and also if I was you, get IBOT now!