Useful UI Mods for Raiding in World of Warcraft

The popular MMO World of Warcraft allows its players to make changes to the user interface through modifications or “mods” that are created by the fan community. Some of these mods have become so ingrained into the game that they are considered mandatory in certain aspects of the game or have even been added to the official interface by the developer, Blizzard Entertainment. What follows is a list of mods that are considered extremely useful to various aspects of the game. Most if not all of them can be easily acquired and downloaded using the free downloading application at the Curse Gaming website.
Deadly Boss Mods

There are many mods that are used regularly used by raiders in World of Warcraft. The first and foremost of these would have to be Deadly Boss Mods. This mod has been so integral in the average raid that Blizzard on occasion has modified fights to take into account that Deadly Boss Mods is being used. This mod gives visual and auditory cues when specific actions take place during a boss fight such as stage changes, special attacks, etc. Most guilds will require that you have this mod installed and updated before you go on a raid.


Another mod that is extremely useful for raiding is Recount. This is a bar mod that allows a raider to compare their performance to the rest of the raid in areas such as damage done, damage taken, healing done, etc. Raids are usually competitive environments where the player is either trying to outperform others or themselves. This mod gives hard data so a player can work towards being as productive and efficient as possible.

Atlas Loot

One of the driving forces behind raiding is the possibility of obtaining better gear. Atlas Loot will allow you to prepare for a raid by knowing exactly what gear can drop off of any given boss. This will make sure that you do not lose out on an upgrade due to indecision or poor use of DKP.

Omen Threat Meter

One of the quickest ways to die in a raid is to become more threatening to a boss then the tank. Omen Threat Meter will help keep this from happening by giving you visual and auditory warnings when your threat level is getting dangerously high. The mod will also give a bar representation of current threat so you can determine how close you are to pulling off the tank.


There are many systems for distributing gear in raids. Some of the most popular of these include DKP systems, loot councils, and free rolling. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages including fairness, time needed to maintain the system, and overall benefit to the guild. Of all the systems, one of the most efficient is called EPGP or Effort Points, Gear Points. This system uses a mod to create a ratio of raid performance or effort over gear received. The EPGP mod maintains the system automatically so there is very little time spent behind the scenes doing upkeep. Finally, the system evenly distributes gear to players based on their attendance of frequency of previous upgrades so that the guild as a whole can keep moving forward.

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