How to Get 99 Prayer in Runescape

Achieving 99 prayer in Runescape is not as impossible as some may believe. For people who play in free playing worlds, it will be a bit more difficult, but if you stick with it, you will accomplish the ultimate goal of 99 prayer. Otherwise, if you are a member, the path will be a quicker, yet still a tough one to follow.
Milestones for:

Free Players

Once you reach 45 prayer, you have reached the maximum amount of new prayers you will be able to learn

However, 99 prayer will grant you the ability to use prayer for a much longer time

The longer amount of time will let you be able to train on monsters or run through dangerous areas a lot longer with the protections of magic, range, and melee


Members will have a lot more options at 99 in the way of prayer usage than the free players will. Members will also be able to have access to new items from Treasure Trails such as the Priest Rob Top and Bottom and Mitres.Also, one of the best rewards for achieving the hard-to-reach goal of 99 prayer is the respected Prayer Achievement Cape


Free Players

The best leveling method for free players remains to be burying the best possible bone at the beginning. The best bone for leveling in free player servers are the Big Bones dropped by big monsters or spawned at specifc Wilderness spawning points. You can either buy the Big Bones which will end up costing an arm and a leg plus anything you have left, or you can kill monsters. (Hill Giants are a good source if you are a high enough level, and the same goes for Moss Giants.) Also, the option still exists if you want to pick up the spawned Big Bones in the wilderness; however, this method is slow and you will end up dead by either skeletons or PKers looking for an easy kill. If you are starting out at level 1, you do not necessarily need to waste money or time getting big bones just yet. You may still go to the chicken coops near Lumbridge to get free experience and up to level 30, it will be fairly fast and a ton cheaper. Banking and burying any type of bones inside of the bank is one of the fastest methods to gain experience quickly. It is faster than any other method for free players. Lastly, if you get bored with burying bones, you can try doing the Restless Ghost quest, which will give you 1,125 experience and more quest points for better trading.


Members definitely have a wider selection in ways of leveling and it is much more efficient. Being a member will also grant you better benefits in the long run. Dragon bones are the best bones for just plain banking and burying for experience. To maximize your experience use a gilded alter which boosts your experience. Note: You have to pay someone to use their gilded alter.

Since you can bury any bones at any level, it is recommended you just use the most expensive bone that you can bury and if you are a member use the most expensive bone at a gilded alter. The advantages of getting 99 prayer are not many. The most useful one is obviously longer prayer time, but other than that, the cape is your best advantage. Good luck in getting 99 prayer!