New World Money Making Guide for Beginners


The following guide is a New World Coin Farming Guide that centers around understanding the economy of the game, alongside how you can utilize it to farm gold at lower levels.

In New World, gold is the in-game currency that gives you access to purchasing houses, weapons, and armor pieces. At the same time, it also offers the opportunity to purchase settlements. Maintaining one yourself is not an easy task if you need a lot of investment to upgrade it for the upcoming wars. Upon controlling a settlement, a company can set fees and taxes to determine the gold they’ll get when players participate in various activities. For instance, selling Fibers from Hemp, located at the Trading Post, as well as smelting Iron Ingots.

Standard Methods

The standard methods of acquiring in-game gold include following and completing the main and side story quests. Doing so grants you 50 gold permission, which then increases to as much as 80+ gold as you progress further in levels. Town Board Projects and Faction Missions also grant you gold, but not as much.

Trading Post

It’s important to understand the working of Trading Post as it helps you earn a good amount of gold at the earlier levels, as well as the further levels. It serves as the Auction House, where you can buy and sell your items, such as potions, gathering tools, weapons, etc. Every territory has its own Trading Post, for instance, Green-Wood may be the cheapest one in Brightwood, where the economy is at 0.18 per piece. However, at First Light, the price is set at double. It’s just an example and not the exact price.

These prices fluctuate and you must always check them to identify which location is ideal for your business. A point worth noting is that you can see which territory has the lowest and highest prices via the ‘Showing orders at’ option, which is on the upper-right corner of your screen.

If you’re planning on buying items to complete Town Board Projects or sell them at a higher price for profit, then you have the option to set and place them at your own desired price. You can compare prices by taking a gander at the Current Sell orders, which will give you a good idea of what price to sell the item on.

There’s also a listing fee when placing a buy or sell order. It determines the no. of days the post will remain active on the Trading Post. The longer you want it to stay, the higher fee you will have to pay. There’s also a transaction charge related to the tax set by the company that is in control of the settlement.

Trade Skills

In addition to weapon mastery and character levels, you also have to level up your trade skills via various activities performed during quests. The three types of trade skills are; Refining, Gathering, and Crafting, and it’s vital to reach level 50 in each of the Gathering skills. The reason is that it acts as the base of your operations and helps you craft better gear at further levels.

Before you start leveling your Gathering, you need to upgrade your Flint Tools to Iron. It not only helps to improve the skill but also acquire 30% more materials. You can set your goal to upgrade it to Steel Tools in the future to boost it up to 120%. Another ideal way to improve the skills is by spending your settlement standing points on Gathering, as it relatively increases the chances of collecting the resources within that area.

You will also need a Craft Bag, which is efficient as you can carry plenty of materials without having to travel back and forth. As a beginner, you will be able to craft the Coarse Leather Adventurer’s Satchel in the Outfitting Station, but after you have completed a few faction missions, for New World Coin Farming. You can later convert the token you receive to buy different rewards. You will need a Minor Rune of Holding (1,000 Tokens and 250 Gold), Coarse Leather, Iron Ingot, and Linen to make the bag.

Gathering is easy and quick if you’re good with identifying the resources and memorizing the routes. The most popular ones at the moment are Iron Deposits and Hemp, which also improves your Harvesting and Mining.

You can consider looking at a genuine map to identify the paths you need to take, and also set up a starting point so that you can respawn if you get killed during your journey for New World gold farming. Here’s a good tip – Monarch’s Bluff and Windsward has a single round of gathering Fibers that can take up to 30 minutes and yield plenty of gold, which is dependent upon the selling price of the settlement’s Trading Post.

High-Demanded Items

When it comes to gathering and selling resources, you need to consider the items that are high in demand. These can relate to the Town Board Projects, Bag Materials, Potions, Buffs, House Furniture, Gathering Tools, Jewelry, etc. Players first buy ingredients to complete the Town Project as it’s one of the most ideal sources to gain good EXP.

Rations, Raw Food, and Iron Ingots are also known to give a decent amount of gold, so you might want to study the routes for them too.

Tools are in high demand as they allow you to efficiently gather resources. You can start off with Iron & Steel Tools, and then move up to Star Metal Tools. You can increase the chances of gaining perks by adding Azoth beforehand, as it helps enhance the equipment’s rarity. Similarly, there are Bags that offer players additional storage, which is quite helpful when you’re far away gathering things or completing quests.

Health & Mana Potions are something that is always required by players, and especially for end-game or high-level content, for New World gold farming. Similarly, Food Buffs are important for any type of activity performed by players. You can opt for Cooked Corn to increase the Harvesting Luck to obtain rare ingredients, which is quite beneficial for the players who gather resources for income.

You can also craft house furniture to enable the other players to decorate their houses. It’s also high in demand because there are plenty of players who have bought houses and are looking for furniture. Finally, there’s Jewelry, such as Earrings, Rings, and Amulets that grants additional survivability and protection on top of boosting player attributes. The slots start to unlock once you reach level 20, but crafting these can take time, because there are some materials like Raw Gems that are highly rare, so you need to improve your Mining Luck for it. We hope this helped you make more money in New World!