WoW Classic Best Hunter Pets: Levelling, Raiding, and Arena


The beginning of Hunter’s reign started with the release of The Burning Crusade in the World of Warcraft. Blizzard had approached by making changes to the Hunter Class, and these changes included the removal of the dead zone, new talents, and additional buffs on wow hunter pets.

Pets can now benefit from Ranged Attack Power, as well as the buffs gained from flasks, potions, elixirs, and racial abilities, such as Blood Fury. In other words, twenty-two percent of your attack power is converted towards your pet. Thus, giving you an additional boost in terms of damage. However, the pets that you choose can affect your gameplay, and that’s why we’ve taken the initiative to list the best TBC Hunter pets for you. These pets are best for levelling, raiding, and arena battles in The Burning Crusade.


Speed plays a vital role when you’re levelling up from 60 – 70. The quicker you max out, the quicker you will be able to prepare your character to face dungeons, raids, and arena battles. If the speed of a pet is good enough during battles, the time taken to kill the target will subsequently reduce. Therefore, considering pets that have abilities like Dash, Charge, and Dive would be your best option.

You have several options to choose from for wow best hunter pets, but a good recommendation would be the Wind Serpents because they can engage in a battle quicker than the others. They deal magic damage, have two damaging abilities, and a 7% damage buff. Its main damage source is Lighting Breath, which is fairly easy to obtain in the game (Zul’Gurub Raid, Stranglethorn Vale).

Green, Orange, and Dark Blue Wind Serpents can be found wandering in the Wailing Caverns, White in the Thousand Needles region, and Red at the Barrens or Zul’Gurub. Alternatively for wow hunter pets, you can locate them in the Blade’s Edge Mountain (West of Netherstorm), and Sethekk Halls Dungeon (Outlands).


Raiding is basically about damaging your opponent with the best you’ve got. Surviving is important, and so are the wow best hunter pets, but dealing with a subsequent amount of damage should be at a priority level as a Hunter class character.

Ravagers are a good fit for raiding because they have the Dive ability that increases their speed by 40%, allowing them to approach and defeat their opponents as quickly as possible. Other than that, they have two damaging abilities, a 5% armor buff, and a 10% damaging buff. They can also use the Gore ability, which has a chance to double the damage dealt on the enemy.

Once you’re at a later stage as a Hunter and you have more access to critical strikes, Wind Serpents as a world of warcraft hunter pets would be a better option in terms of dealing damage. To be more precise, they are a good option for raiders heading out into the Black Temple and Sunwell Plateau raid regions.

Yellow Ravagers can be located and tamed in the Bloodmyst Isle, Indigo Ravagers can be found in the Blade’s Edge Mountains, Orange in the Shadowmoon Valley, and Black & Green Ravagers in the Hellfire Penisula.


Speaking of the arena, there are two playstyles that are prominent for the Hunter class. The first centers around damaging and works at the earlier stages of the expansion, while the second focuses on draining the opponent’s mana, which is slow and strategical.

If you’re looking to deal damage, then the world of warcraft hunter pets to chose from would be Ravagers, as your best and strongest option in the arena. However, if you’re looking to use the mana draining strategy, which will later on become a commonly uses tactic in the battlegrounds – the best option would be a Scorpid.

The reason behind that is because Scorpids can apply poison onto their targets, which acts as a barrier for the Viper Sting ability. Healers will focus on dispelling your Viper Sting while maintaining their mana because the ability will drain 1,368 mana in about eight seconds of the spell being cast. Before the debuff is removed, the opponents will also have to deal with other spells like Hunter’s Mark and Scorpid Poison, which are known to be highly effective.

You can locate and tame Brown, Bronze, and Black Scorpids in Durator, Green can be found in the Barrens, Yellow is located in Desolace, Pink in Tanaris, and Red can be tamed in the Thousand Needles region.

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